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Are you ready to restore your smile with affordable dentures from a qualified dental practice? If so, call us to request an appointment. 

Losing a tooth to gum disease, decay, or a tooth extraction will leave a void in your mouth that may affect your smile and appearance. Dentures in Ottawa, ON, from Dr. El Deeb Family Dentistry will restore your smile and improve your oral health. 

Our team specializes in restorative dentistry in our relaxing dental office. We will help you get a set of natural-looking dentures to replace teeth and improve your beautiful smile.


What Are Dentures?

Dentures replace missing teeth from trauma, disease, and other oral health issues. They are oral appliances containing artificial teeth and gums that form to your mouth’s unique shape—our team custom-fits dentures for every patient undergoing the treatment for maximum comfort and a snug fit.

Most types of modern dentures consist of hard resin, but traditional appliances contain plastic or porcelain. At Dr. El Deeb Family Dental Care, we create dentures in Ottawa, ON, using high-quality resin and acrylic materials.

Wearing dentures isn’t as comfortable as having natural teeth. However, the oral hardware prevents sunken cheeks and improves your overall appearance. Depending on your specific dental needs, you may qualify for full or partial dentures.


Full Dentures

Full dentures are necessary when you are missing all of the teeth on your lower or upper jaw. Sometimes, a dentist may need to extract or remove teeth due to excessive tooth decay or progressive gum disease.

A full denture set will replace a complete row of teeth, ensuring that you retain a beautiful smile. It stays in place with an oral adhesive.

There are two types of full dentures:

  • Complete Dentures: These removable appliances have an acrylic gum line that rests over your natural gum tissue. Acrylic, porcelain, or resin teeth protrude from the artificial gums, giving the appearance of natural teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: This variety uses tiny surgically-implanted titanium rods to support the dentures, eliminating the need for adhesives. It allows for a more substantial bite and a natural feel.


Partial Dentures

If you are missing several teeth, you can use partial dentures to fill in the gaps. They consist of a metal frame with artificial teeth that wraps around your up and remains in place by clasping onto adjacent teeth.

The benefits of this oral appliance include:

  • Better pronunciation
  • Stronger bite
  • Improved smile
  • Comfort
  • Ability to prevent natural teeth from shifting
Partial Denture isolate

Even missing one tooth can cause serious problems. Besides affecting your appearance and self-esteem, depending on the location of the gap, the void can cause neighboring teeth to shift. Over time, the shifting teeth could become loose due to jawbone loss, further affecting your smile and oral health.


Turn to Dr. El Deeb Family Dental Care for a New Beautiful Smile

Whether you need full or partial dentures to replace your missing teeth, you can rely on the expert team at Dr. El Deeb Family Dental Care. We offer reliable dentures in Ottawa, ON, in addition to other dental services for your whole family. Please call or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment at our caring, full-service dental office.

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